Thursday, 7 August 2014

How to Increase Height and Have an Impressive Personality

Height is considered an important aspect of an impressive personality. People who don't have a good height are often seen concerned about it. Even if they don't talk about it much still they would not hesitate from trying the remedies that can increase their height. Millions of people go on internet every day to know how to grow taller but only a basic understanding of how body and bones work can help in increasing their height. Some people don't like the idea of taking pills to increase height so they take up stretch exercises and workouts to add a few inches to their height.

Here are some methods that can be helpful in increasing the height:
Methods for Increasing Height
  • · The most common method to grow taller is doing stretch exercises. The most effective stretch exercise is hanging. You don't need a particular equipment to increase the height. Hanging helps in strengthening the back muscles and adding a few inches to the spine that finally results in increasing the height.
  • · Height growth is also possible by sleeping. You should get ample sleep every day if you want to be taller. Some people believe that sleeping a lot can increase their height but getting just enough sleep according to the age is enough for increasing height. This growth takes place due to the release of a growth hormone during sleep.
  • · You can also become taller by taking a lot of sunlight. Sunlight is the purest and the most abundant source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is considered essential for the growth of the body. Vitamin D's main function is to help the body in absorbing calcium which is the essential element for increasing the height of a person.
  • · You can also increase your height by taking foods that provide vitamin D. Fish is considered the most essential food when it comes to taking vitamin D.
  • · Milk is an abundant source of calcium and proteins. Calcium is what makes up the bones in our bodies. Our height increases only when our bones grow and this is only possible when you are having enough calcium added to your bones. This is the reason little children are given milk because it helps a great deal in the growth of the body.
  • · You might not have thought about it but staying happy and worry-free can be a great way to get taller. The depression and stress on your mind directly affects your growth in a negative way. This is the reason people living in stressful conditions i.e. under developed countries, don't have a good growth rate.
Lastly, if you have been wondering on how to increase height, you must also quit the activities that become a hindrance in your growth. For example, smoking and addiction of a particular substance can have a big negative impact on the growth of your body. These are called the stunting factors of height. They prevent your body from growing as it deserves to grow and develop other serious conditions inside your body.

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